Agata Pyzik

From Unearthing The Music

Agata Pyzik is a Polish journalist who lives in Warsaw after living in London for several years, where she had already established herself as a writer on art, politics, music and culture for various magazines, including The Wire, Guardian, New Statesman, New Humanist, Afterall and Frieze. She also wrote for major mainstream Polish newspapers, like Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik, Przekrój and Polityka, as well as was a regular contributor for a contemporary music magazine Glissando, and smaller literary magazines, like Lampa and other art magazines. In 2014 her book "Poor But Sexy: Culture Clashes in Europe East and West" got published, an examination of the artistic and cultural history of late-20th century Eastern Europe and its eventual transition to neoliberal capitalism.

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