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Clotilde Rosa. Photo taken from the Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa (GMCL) website

Maria Clotilde Belo de Carvalho Rosa Franco (11 May 1930 – 24 November 2017), known as Clotilde Rosa, was a Portuguese harpist, music educator and composer.


Clotilde Rosa was born in Queluz, Portugal to musicians José Rosa and Branca Belo Carvalho Rosa. She began piano lessons at age ten with Ivone Santos. She also began harp lessons at the age of twelve under Cecilia Borba at Lisbon's National Conservatory, where later on she would complete the Higher Course in Piano. The harp later became her main instrument: After studying ancient music interpretation with Macário Santiago Kastner and performing with the Lisbon Minstrels, she continued her harp studies between 1960 and 1963 after being awarded scholarships by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Dutch Government, studying in Amsterdam with Phia Berghout, in Paris with Jacqueline Borot, and in Cologne with Hans Zingel.

After completing her studies, she worked as a harp soloist with various orchestras and ensembles. In 1962 she was approached by Mário Falcão in order to perform "Imagens Sonoras", a piece for two harps composed by Jorge Peixinho, with whom she would start to regularly perform and in 1970 she, Peixinho and other musicians founded the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group (GMCL), which performed contemporary music in Portugal, Brazil and Europe. She studied at the Darmstadt Summer Courses for three years and developed an interest in composition. She was also a member of the Trio Antiqua with Carlos Franco and Luísa de Vasconcelos, with whom she performed ancient music, as well as the S. Carlos National Theatre Orchestra, the National Symphonic Orchestra, the National Radio Broadcast Company Orchestra and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra.

Between 1987 and 1989 she lectured in Composition Analysis and Techniques at the Music School of Lisbon’s National Conservatory and then taught the harp between 1989 and 2000. It was then that she introduced contemporary music in the harp syllabus for the first time in Portugal.

While teaching she kept herself active as a composer. After an invitation by Jorge Peixinho, in 1974 she drafted her first music piece in the joint project "In-Con-Sub-Sequência" and later composed the 1976 piece "Encontro". After Jorge Peixinho’s suggestion, "Encontro" was taken to the Paris International Composers Tribune by Joly Braga Santos and Nuno Barreiros. It was recorded by the National Radio Broadcast Company and was awarded 10th place among sixty works of thirty different countries. She also won a First prize at the National Composition Competition of Porto’s Music Workshop for her piece Variantes I (Variants I), for solo flute, and her piece "Alternâncias" for flute and piano represented Portugal in the ISMC Festival in Athens (1979).

Despite her tendency for sound experiments, of which the pieces "As quatro estações do ano" (The Year’s Four Seasons) and "Projecto-collage" (Collage-Project) are clear examples, she never had the chance to work in a electroacoustic music studio. Her work is majorly either for voice or for acoustic instruments.


Solo instruments

  • Jogo Projectado I - (with slides), (1979) 15’ Pno. "Multi media" by Eduardo Sérgio and slides by João de Sá Machado Comissioned by the FCG. (dedicated to Jorge Peixinho). First perf.-FCG.,1979, Performer: Jorge Peixinho.
  • Variantes I (1980) 8’ Fl., Picc. (dedicated to Carlos Franco). Porto, 1980. First. perf. - Porto 1984. Performer: Carlos Franco. Ed. Oficina Musical, Porto.
  • Variantes II (1982) 20’ Pno
  • Hellas I (1982) 12’ Hp. (gong, crót.) First. perf. - Man Isle, 1983 Performer: Mário Falcão Ed. - EPM 9031
  • Ode (1982) 8’ Guit.,(crot.) (dedicated to Lopes e Silva). First.perf. FCG.- LIsboa, 1982 Performer: José Lopes e Silva Ed. - EPM 9015
  • Éclat du Soleil (1986) 7’ Ob. Ed. - EPM 9022.
  • Divertimento (1987) 8’ Cl. (dedicated to António Saiote). Fist. perf. SNBA - Lisboa 1987. Performer: António Saiote.
  • Waving 2’30’' Pno. Comissioned by the SIMC. Festival-1993. First perf. SIMC.Festival-1993 Performer: Michael Finnissy.
  • Bagatela (1994) 6’ Pno. First perf. Barcelona 1996. Performer: Ananda Sukarlan. Comissioned by the Ed. Colien Honegger - "Album de Colien"
  • Le Récit d’Orphé (1994) 9’35’' Fl.Bisel Alto First perf. Porto-2001. Performer: Pedro Couto Soares. Ed. - EPM 9021.
  • Clair-et-net (1996) 7’ Cl. (dedicated to Manuel Jerónimo). First perf. - Salão Nobre do Consertvatório Nacional de Lisboa, 30-3-1996. "1º Congresso da Associação Portuguesa do Clarinete" Performer: Manuel Jerónimo. Ed. - EPM 9026.
  • The Fancy Harp (2000) 8’ Hp. (dedicated to Andreia). First.perf. - CD. Performer: Andreia Marques. Ed. - EPM 9035.
  • Model for John (2000). 8’ Pno. (dedicated to my son João). First perf. Palácio Foz 2001. Performer: Anne Kaasa. Ed. - EPM 9036.
  • Impromptu for Jam (2000). 9’ Vc. (dedicated to my son Jorge). Ed. - EPM 9040.
  • Impromptu pour Flûte (2001) 7’ Fl. (dedicated to my husband Carlos Franco.) Ed. - EPM 9039.
  • Reflexus (2000) - (em memória de Jorge Peixinho) 7’ Saxophones and Tape First. perf.Paris 2001. (dedicated to Daniel Kientzy). Performer: Daniel Kientzy. Second version (also with Tape). Ed. - EPM 9043.
  • Estudo (2003) Pno. (dedicated to Jorge Peixinho). Ed. - EPM 9055.
  • Sonata para Pianoforte (2003) Pianoforte Ed. - EPM 9055.

Instrumental ensemble

  • Alternâncias (1976) 7’ Fl.,Pno. (dedicated to Carlos Franco and Jorge Peixinho). First perf. RDP-1976. Performers: Carlos Franco and Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9002.
  • Contrastes (1976) 7’ Fl.,Hp. First perf. Paços de Brandão 1980. Performers: Carlos Franco and Clotilde Rosa. Ed. - EPM 9051.
  • Encontro (1976) 8’ Fl.,2 Vns.,Vla.,Vc. (dedicated to GMCL). First perf. Aula Mágna (1976). Ed.- EPM 9032.
  • Recondita Armonia (1984) 18’5’' Fl., Cl., Vla., Vc., Guit., Hp. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. FCG.1984.. Performers: GMCL. Second version - (1999), " quarteto "- Fl., Cl., Vla., Vc. First perf. Ponta Delgada 1999. Ed. - EPM 9047 / 1947 - A
  • Hommage (1986) (to J.S. Bach). 12’ Fl., Cl., Fag., Cymb., Org., Vn., Vla., Vc. Comissioned by the FCG and Festival Santiago de Compostela. First perf. FCG.- Lisboa, 1986. Performers: GMCL. Ed. - EPM 9025.
  • Ditirambo I (1990) 8’ Fl., Hp. First perf. SPA.- Lisboa, 1990. Performers: Carlos Franco and Clotilde Rosa. Ed. - EPM 9012.
  • Ditirambo II (1991) 8’ Vn., Hp. First perf. - Brasil, Conservatório de Belo Horizonte 1991. Performers: José Machado and Clotilde Rosa. Ed. - EPM 9012 - A
  • Castelos d’oiro em mundos irreais... (1990). 7’ Vn. Pn. (dedicated to my son José) First perf. Teatro Gil Vicente - Coimbra, 1990. Performers: José Machado and Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9027.
  • Alliage (1991). 9’ 2 trp., Hn.,2 Trb., Tb. Comissioned by the CPM. (dedicated to the " Os Metais de Lisboa"). First perf. Cine-Teatro Avenida - Castelo Branco 2002 Performers: "Os Metais de Lisboa" Ed. - EPM 9018.
  • Interferências (1991) 10’ Fl., Cl.,Vn., Vla., Vc., Hp., Pn., Guit., Perc: Mar.,Vibr.,Susp-cymb., Glsp., Gong, Tam-tam. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. F.C.G. - Lisboa Performers: GMCL, Cond. Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9029.
  • Metalis (1986) 10’ 3 Trp., Horn,2 Trb.,Tb. comissioned by the CPM. (dedicated to the "OS Metais de Lisboa"). First perf. FCG. 1986. Performers: "OS Metais de Lisboa" Ed. - EPM 9014.
  • Elos-In memoriam (1992) ( To Constança Capdeville) 12’ Fl.,Cl.,Trp.,Vn.,Vla.,Vc., Hp.,Pn.,Cymb.,Guit.,Timp., Perc: Bells, Small-Tam-tam, Large-Tam-tam, Gong, Xylomarb.,Flex.,crót.,Ton-tons,T.Drum,Susp-cymb., Triâng.,Bombo,Vibr.,Chin.-small cymb. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. FCG. - Lisboa, 1992. Performers: GMCL, Cond. Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9033.
  • Modus (1993) 10’ 2 Cl., Cor Basset, Cl. Baixo. First perf. Museu de S.Roque, Lisboa, 1993. dedicated to "Modus Ensemble". Performers: "Modus Ensemble". Ed. - EPM 9050.
  • Laik (1993) 10’ Fl., Cl., Trp., Vn., Vla., Vc., Hp., Cymb., Pno., Guit.,Timp., Perc: Vibr.,Sn.Dr,T.Bl, T.Drum,Ton-tons,Crót. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. FCG. -1993,Lisboa. Performers: GMCL, Cond. Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9049.
  • Frequência 94.4 (1994) 12’ Fl.,Ob.,Cl.,,Fag.,Hn.,Vn.,Vla.,Vc. Commissioned by the RDP-Antena 2 - (94.4) Young Performers from several Countries in Europe, selected by their Radios. First perf. Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa, 1994. (Cond. - Carlos Franco).
  • Breve será dia... (1994) 6’ Fl.,Cl.,Vn.,Vla.,Vc.,Hp.,Timp.,Vibr. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf.-Lisboa, 1994. Performers: GMCL, Cond. Jorge Peixinho. Ed. - EPM 9045.
  • Hommage-Mémoires (1995) (to Jorge Peixinho).10’ Fl.,Vn.,Vla.,Vc. comissioned by the Fundação de Serralves First perf. Palácio da Bolsa, Porto, 1996. Performers: GMCL. Cond. Álvaro Salazar. Ed. - EPM 9008
  • Canto de Zéfiro (1997) 8’ Second version - Fl.,Vno.,Pno. First perf. TNSC.-Lisboa 2000. Performers: Rui Augusto, José Machado, Francisco Monteiro Ed. - EPM 9028 -(First version 2 Fl.,Pno.) First version Ed. - EPM 9028 - A
  • Saxofilia (1997) 9’ 4 Saxophones. (dedicated to the Group Saxofinia). Ed. - EPM 9006.
  • Impromptu (1997) 8’ Hn.,Pno. (dedicated to António Costa). First perf. Fundação de Serralves 1997. Performers: António Costa and Gabriela Canavilhas. Ed. - EPM 9007.
  • Contornos (1998) 9’ Vla.,Cb.,Pno. Dedicated to the "Opus Ensemble". First perf. Parque de Palmela, Estoril,2000. Performers: "Opus Ensemble" Ed. - EPM 9010.
  • Três Apontamentos (1998/1999) 6’ Vn.,Vc. (dedicated to my sons José and Jorge). Ed. - EPM 9020
  • Trio de Cordas (1998/2000) 12’ Vn.,Vla.,Vc. First perf. TNSC. 2001 Performers: GMCL, - (José Machado, António de Oliveira e Silva, Jorge Machado.) Dedicated to these performers. Ed. - EPM 9019.
  • Canto Circular (2000) 8’ Marimba, String Quartet. First perf. CCB 2000 Performers: Pedro Carneiro and "Quarteto Lacerda". (dedicated to Pedro Carneiro). Ed. - EPM 9038.
  • Ta Rose qui fait ta Rose... (12/2000) 6’ Vc., Guit., Hp. (dedicated to Ana Isabel). Ed. - EPM 9044.
  • Ricercando (2002) Vla , Cb e Pno Dedicated to the "Opus Ensemble" Ed. EPM 9052.
  • Percursos (2002) 6’ Fl. e Cl. Dedicated to Álvaro Salazar. Ed.EPM 9053
  • O Caminho de Orfeu (2003) Harpa solo e Fl, Cl, Vn, Vla e Vlc Ed.EPM 9049

Voice and instrumental

  • Três Canções Breves (1980). 9’ S.,Guit. First perf. FCG. Lisboa, 1980. Performers: Maria João Serrão and José Lopes e Silva. (dedicated to these performers). Ed. - EPM 9011.
  • Passo Dezembros na Alma (1981).(to Fernando Pessoa) 8’ S.,Fl.,Vla.,Hp.,Timp. Perc:Timp. Crót.,Glass-chimes,Glsp, Susp.- cymb.,T.Bl Tam-tam,Ton-tons,Triâng. First perf. FCG.1981 Performers: GMCL. Ed. - EPM 9046. 2ª version - S.,Fl.,Cl.,Pno and the same Perc Ed. - EPM 9046 - A
  • Hellas II (with Multi Media) (1985). 12’ Hp.,Perc: Crót.,Gong,T,Bl.,Vibr., Glass-chimes, Triâng., S., Fl., Guit. Performers: GMCL, Scenic Action - Joana Rosa. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. F.C.G., Lisboa, 1985. Ed. - EPM 9031.
  • Hellas III ( second version ) (1990). 12’ Hp.,Perc: Crót.,Gg,T,Bl.,Vibr., Glass-chimes, Triâng.,S, Fl., Guit., Vn.,Vla.,Vc. Performers GMCL, - Scenic Action - Joana Rosa. First perf. FCG -Teatro da Comuna1990, Lisboa Ed. - EPM 9031.
  • Cinzas Sísifo (1986). 10’ S.,Guit. (dedicated to Lopes e Silva). First perf.TNSL., Lisboa, 1986. Performers: Manuela de Sá and José Lopes e Silva. Poem by Armando Silva Carvalho. Ed. - EPM 9023.
  • O Fabricar da Música e do Silêncio (1987). 12’ Bar., Fl., Pno.,Vc. First perf. TNSL., Lisboa.1987 Performers: João Lourenço and GMCL. Poem by Armando Silva Carvalho. Ed. - EPM 9016.
  • A Voz da Tília (1991) 5’ (Ciclo Vozes de Florbela). (a) S., Guit. - (b) S.,Pno. Dedicated to Lopes e Silva Poem by Florbela Espanca. Ed. - (b) EPM 9001 - (a) EPM 9001 - A
  • Voz que se cala (1991) 5’ (Ciclo Vozes de Florbela). S., Guit. Dedicated to Lopes e Silva Poem by Florbela Espanca. Ed. - EPM 9003.
  • Amor que mal existe (1992). 7’ V.,Cl.,Pno. dedicated to Gabriela Canavilhas. First perf. Museu de São Roque, Lisboa 1992. Performers: Gabriela Lé, Joaquim Ribeiro and Gabriela Canavilhas. Poem by Florbela Espanca. Ed. - EPM 9004
  • Antínoo (1993). 6’ S.,Cb. dedicated to Lúcia Lemos and Pedro Wallenstein First perf. Póvoa do Varzim, 1994. Performers: Lúcia Lemos and Pedro Wallenstein. Poem by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen. Ed.EPM 9054.
  • Em Louvor da Terra (1997). 8’ S.,Guit.,Vn., Vla.,Vc.,Timp., Perc: 2 T.Drums, Gg, T.Bl, Ton-Tons, Triang., Wind-Chines, Crot. Comissioned by the Câmara Municipal do Montijo. Ed. - EPM 9005.
  • Glosas Próprias (1998). 9’ (a) V., Hp - (b) V. Pno. Poem by Luís Vaz de Camões. Ed. - (a) EPM 9013. (b) EPM 9013 -A
  • Quiet Fire - ciclo de 3 canções (1999). 7’ S.,Pno. dedicated to Ana Ester Neves and Francisco Monteiro. First perf.Instituto Franco-Português, 2000."Festival Música Viva". Performers: Ana Ester Neves and Francisco Monteiro. Poem by Armando Silva Carvalho. Ed. - EPM 9034.
  • Complexidades - ciclo de 3 canções (2001). 10’ S.,Pno. dedicated to João Paulo Franco First perf. GMCL. 2001 - CCB - Performers: Ana Ester Neves and Francisco Monteiro Poem by João Franco. Ed. - EPM 9041.
  • El Vaso REluciente (2003) 5’ (sobre Soneto de Camões) S, Fl, Cl, Vn, Vla, Vlc, Harpa e Pno Dedicated to Lopes e Silva Poem by Florbela Espanca. Ed. - EPM 9054.

"A cappela" choir

  • Litania (1996). 9’ S.,C.,T.,Bar. Poem by Eugénio de Andrade Ed. - EPM 9053.


  • Ricercari (1983-84) 12’ 3 (picc),3 (Ca),3 (B-Cl),2,4,3,3,1 Perc:Timp. Vibr.,Tam-tam,B-Dr, Cel,Xyl., Ton-tons,Sn-Dr.,T-Dr.,Triâng., Hp, Pno, Strings First perfor.1986, Ruínas do Carmo, Lisboa, (Symp.Orc.RDP. Cond.Silva Pereira), Comissioned by the SEC. Ed. - EPM 9017.
  • Paisagem Interior (2000). 12’ 3(picc),2,(Ca)3B-Cl),2 (CFag), 4,3,3,1 Perc:Timp,Gg,Mar., Xyl., Vibr.,Sn.Dr, T-Drs.,T.Bl.,Ton-tons,B-Dr, Sistro,Tub-Bells, Susp.Cymb., 2 Hps.,Strings. Comissioned by the IPAI Ed. - EPM 9041.
  • Orfeu e as sombras (1993) 12’ Bar.,Sax.S., /2 Percs: 2 Timp.,Vibr.,Xylomar., T.Drum,Ton-tons,T.Bl., Susp.- cymb., 2 Hp., Pno., Cymb. First Perfor.CCB., Lisboa, 1994. Performers: Bar. João Lourenço. Sax. José Massarrão and Gulbenkian Orc. cond. Álvaro Salazar. Comissied by the "Lisboa 94" Poem by Armando Silva Carvalho.
  • Concerto para Piano e Orquestra (2004). ' Piano solo e orquestra sinfónica: 3 (picc),2 (Ca),3 (B-Cl),2,4,3,3,1 Perc (3):Timp, T.Blocks, Sn-Dr, T-Dr, B-Dr, Susp-cymb (2), Tub-Bells, Mar, Vibr, Hp and Strings Ed. - EPM sn.


  • Música para Inês I (1983) 10’ Fl.,picc.,Cl.,B-Cl.,Vla.Vc.,Guit.,Timp. Perc:Vibr.,T.Bl.,Susp.- cymb.,crót. triâng.,Ton - tons, Pno., Tape. First Perfor.1983 FCG Performers: GMCL.,(without dancers).
  • Música para Inês II " para um bailado imaginário " (1986) 10’ Cl.,Vn.,Vla. Vc.,Guit.,Pno.,Perc: Vibr.,T.Bl., Susp.- cymb.,crót. triâng.,Ton-tons,Pno., Tape. First Perfor. Acarte 1986 Performers: GMCL., (without dancers).


(Dramatic Music)

  • Pedro o Crú (1982) Cl., Fl.,Vla., Vc., Guit., Perc:Vibr., T.Bl. Susp.- cymb., crót. triâng., Ton-tons, Pno., Tape. First Perfor. TNDM 1982 Performers: GMCL.


  • O Desfigurado (1986/89). 75’ S.,C.,T.2 Bar.,B., coro (S.,C.,T.,Bar.), Symp.Orch: 2,(2Picc),2, (Ca),2, (B-Cl),2,(CFag),4,2,2,1, Timp,Perc: Glock.,.Gong, Xylom.,Vibr.,T.Block., Susp.- cymb.,Ton-tons,T.Drum, Sn.Drum, Bombo, Pno,Strings. Comissioned by the SEC. "Libretto" by Armando Silva Carvalho. EPM. - 9043.

Music with tape

  • Discurso Tardio (1978) 7’ T.,Ob.,Hp.,Pno.,Guit.,Timp.,Perc: Vibr.,T.Bl. Tam-tam,Crót.,Triâng.,Susp.cymb., Tape. First perf. FCG. 1978. .Performers : Fernando Serafim and GMCL.
  • Diapason (1979) (a) - (with Multi Media) 10’ Vn.,Vla.,Vc., Tape. First perf. Aula Magna - Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa,1979. Performers: GMCL.
  • Sonhava de um marinheiro (1980) 10’ 2 S., Ms., 2(picc),2(Ca),2(B-Cl),1,1,1,2, Perc:Timp.Vibr.Bell.Triâng.T-Bl Susp-Cymb. Hp, Tape. Comissioned by the SEC. First perf. Gulbenkian Orchestra, Lisboa 1980. Cond. Álvaro Salazar Ed. - EPM 9037.
  • Jogo Projectado II (1981) (Multi Media ) 10’ S., Fl., Trp., Hp., Guit., Vla. Vc., Timp., Perc: - T.Bl, vibr. Tam-tam, Triâng. Crót.,Glas-chimes,T.Drum, Ton-tons. First perf. FCG. Lisboa 1981. Comissioned by the FCG. Tape by Luís Cília. Slides by João de Sá Machado. Comissioned by the FCG. First perf. FCG. Lisboa,1981 Cond. Álvaro Salazar.
  • Reflexus (2000) 7’10’' 5 Sax. (one performer) Paris 2001 Performer Daniel Kientzy (a) Second version asked by Daniel Kientzy. ("vide" works for solo instruments). Ed. - EPM 9043/7.
  • Densidades (2003) Vln solo e tape

Pedagogic works

  • As quatro estações do ano (1982) 8’ (Children voices), Orff instruments. (co-autoria de Jorge Machado) First perf. Pé de Vento - Colectivo de Animação Teatral Porto, 1982.
  • Oito Estudos para Harpa (1986/ 1998) each study: 2’/ 3’ (Introdution to new tecnics and languages). Hp. EMCNL. (school program), 1991/1998. Ed. - EPM 9009.
  • Diapason (b) (version to string orch.) (1987) 12’ Young’s String Orchestra. First perform. Reguengos de Monsaraz,1987. "Schools Orc." Cond. Leonardo de Barros. Ed. - EPM 9030.


  • Ode. 1st Edition: Direcção Geral de Acção Cultural - 1987 / 2nd Edition: Strauss - 1995
  • Ricercari - Orquestra Sinfónica RDP. RDP - Serviço Acção Cultural - 1989
  • Ricercari - Orquestra Sinfónica (Tokyo Symphony Orchestra). EMI Valentim de Carvalho - 1994
  • Constança Capdeville / Clotilde Rosa / Isabel Soveral - 3 Portuguese Women Composers / 3 Compositoras Portuguesas. EMI Classics - 1994
  • Recondita Armonia - GMCL (Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa). EMI - Valentim de Carvalho - 1994
  • Breve Será Dia - GMCL (Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa). EMI - Valentim de Carvalho - 1994
  • Reflexus. Nova Musica - 2000
  • Le Récit D’Orphé. AM&M - 2002
  • Clotilde Rosa (Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa). Jorsom - 2006
  • Clotilde Rosa - Música para Poesia Portuguesa. La Mà De Guido - 2008

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