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Décima Víctima. Photo sourced from Wikipedia

Décima Víctima (English: Tenth Victim) was a post-punk band formed by Swedish brothers Lars and Per Mertanen, and Spaniards Carlos Entrena and José Brena. During their short career between 1981 and 1984 they released two LPs, a maxisingle, two EPs and three singles.


Early Years

In 1981, brothers Lars and Per Mertanen formed the instrumental duo Cláusula Tenebrosa. After a show they began discussing the possibility of rehearsing with Carlos Entrena, a friend of theirs who was the ex-singer of the recently split Ejecutivos Agresivos.

In 1981, with some friends including the band Esclarecidos, they started the independent label Grabaciones Accidentales (GASA), so they could release their own records.


In 1982, they decided to replace the drum machine with real drums and José Brena joined the band. With him they recorded 'Tan Lejos', their second EP, which was so well received by the radio that months later Décima Víctima won The Maqueta de Oro (Golden Demo), an award voted by the listeners of Radio 3 (Radio Nacional de España, Spain's National Public Broadcaster), as one of the favourite tracks of 1982.

The band's sound, in spite of being played with only three instruments and voice, was as enveloping live as it was on record, thanks to the Mertanen Brothers' personal way of playing and to having usually having Paco Trinidad as their sound engineer.

Most of their live shows were in Madrid, but they also played in Barcelona, Vigo, Valencia, Puertollano and Molina de Aragón.

The End

The band ended mainly for work reasons beyond their control, as its members did not rely solely on music for their livelihood, and the Mertanen brothers moved to Barcelona, while Carlos Entrena began to work away from Madrid. Their last show was at Madrid's Rock-Ola on December 3, 1983.

In the winter of 1983 Décima Víctima recorded live, on a 4-track, a demo for their second LP, 'Un Hombre Solo'. A few months later, after having disbanded, they came together to record it in the studio.

José Brena died on May 2nd 1999.


Studio albums

  • 1982: Décima Víctima LP
  • 1984: Un Hombre Solo LP

Maxis, EPs and singles

  • 1982: El Vacío EP
  • 1982: Tan Lejos EP
  • 1982: Detrás de la Mirada Single
  • 1983: Algo en Común Maxisingle
  • 1983: Un lugar en el Pasado Single
  • 1984: Un Hombre Solo Single

Compilation albums

  • 1994: Resumen CD
  • 2010: Décima Víctima Box Set which includes their two LPs, an LP with the singles and demos and a booklet with the group's history, rare photos and lyrics.

Band members

  • Carlos Entrena (Vocals)
  • Lars Mertanen (Guitar)
  • Per Mertanen (Bass)
  • José Brena (Drums)

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