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Deadlock. Photo sourced from Discogs

Deadlock was a Polish band from Gdańsk. They are considered to be one of the first Polish punk rock bands [1].


The group was founded in 1979 in Gdańsk by guitarist Maciej "Brunet" Wiliński, bassist "Kołacz" (who was soon replaced by Jacek "Fidel" Tobiasz), drummer Jacek "Luther" Lenartowicz, and vocalist Bogdan "Plexi" Rzeźniczak. During this time, the musicians rehearsed at the "Medyk" club and had minor performances around Gdańsk. They first presented themselves to a wider audience at the "1st Polish New Wave Review" in Kołobrzeg (August 1980 ) with a different line-up: "Plexi", "Fidel" and "Lutra" (who had moved to Warsaw, where he became a co-founder of the Tilt group) were replaced by Mirek Szatkowski (vocals), Rafał "Róża" Wydlarski (bass guitar) and Maciej "Magura" Góralski (drums) [2]. At that time, reggae elements began to appear in the band's music, and the musicians themselves moved to Warsaw [3]. At the beginning of 1981 the band composed and recorded songs at the poorly equipped studio of the Warsaw University of Technology [2]. Their first and only album, "Ambition", was released by the French label Blitzkrieg Records that same year. It was sold all over Western Europe. As a fee, the musicians received 20 copies and half of the promised money. The album was mentioned in magazines including the "New Musical Express" and "Billboard". After the release of the Deadlock album, Szatkowski, Brylewski and Góralski, who also played in Kryzys group, left [3]. From that moment on, the band's line-up became fluid: "Plexi" and "Brunet" returned. "Johnny", later a well-known investigative journalist and writer, and Włodek Zyner, both from the ephemeral band "Coctail Bar", played the drums. With "Szymon" Szatkowski they played the first concert by a punk band during the martial law at the SKRA stadium in Warsaw, and then the last one under the legendary name in the old ODnowo in Toruń. At the turn of 1982 and 1983, the musicians performed using slightly changed names, such as Joanna Deadlock, Deadlock II or Joanna Dead [4]. In 1983 the band ceased to exist [3] .

In 1985, Maciej "Brunet" Wiliński (also known as "Polsilver" [2]) committed suicide [3].

In the 1990s, Rafał “Róża” Wydlarski died in Berlin [5]. After leaving Deadlock, he was still active with Lenartowicz in the group Białe Wulkany [6] .

In 2003, the Deadlock Ambition album was officially released in Poland.

In 2004 Jacek "Luther" Lenartowicz died.

Partial list of members

  • Bogdan "Plexi" Rzeźniczak - vocal
  • Maciej "Brunet" Wiliński - guitar
  • "Kołacz" - bass guitar
  • Jacek "Luter" Lenartowicz - drums
  • Jacek "Fidel" Tobiasz - bass guitar
  • Mirek Szatkowski - vocal
  • Tomasz Safian - drums
  • Rafał "Róża" Wydlarski - drums, bass guitar
  • Krzysztof "Johnny" Mielewczyk - drums
  • Robert Brylewski – gitara
  • Tadeusz "Dzidek" Krzymuski - guitar, bass guitar
  • Krzysztof Siemak - guitar
  • Robert F. „Ro-Ro” Barkowski – guitar



  • Ambition (1981)


  • Kolobrzeg '80 (1995)


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