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Deuter. Photo sourced from Discogs

Deuter is a Polish punk rock band, which later combined this genre with other elements of music, such as rap, funk, soul.



Deuter was created at the end of 1980 in Warsaw, although their activity only began in 1981 [1]. The band was founded by vocalist Paweł "Kelner" Rozwadowski (ex-Fornit) and drummer Kamil "Blitz" Stoor (ex-Kryzys). The name "Deuter" (Deuterium in Polish) was chosen while browsing an encyclopedia. [2]. In 1981 the band was joined by bassist Dariusz "Magik" Kotuszewski (ex-Atak) and guitarist Piotr "Czombe" Dubiel (ex-TZN Xenna) [3]. At first, Paweł "Kelner" Rozwadowski played the guitar (he borrowed his first guitar from Tomasz Lipiński [4]).

From the very beginning, the band was associated with the Warsaw club "Hybrydy", where they played their first concerts. In the fall of 1982, Deuter went on a "Rock Galicja" tour in the southern part of Poland (including Krosno, Rzeszów) along with the following bands: Dezerter, TZN Xenna, Bank, and Mech[3][5]. Soon after, "Magika" and "Blitza" were replaced by bassist Tomasz "Żwirek" Żmijewski, drummer Marek Bedzior and "Gruszka" on congas, and "Kelner" was supported by vocalists Katarzyna Grzechnik and Magdalena Kalenik. Deuter's musicians enriched their concerts at that time with short film projections made on 8 mm film. The films were made by "Kelner" and Robert Brylewski, using a Soviet camera [6]. In the summer they played a short tour with Republika, and in the fall they performed at Sala Kongresowa, incl. alongside TZN Xenna.

In 1983, the group suspended its activities. "Kelner", with Robert Brylewski (then ex-Brygada Kryzys) formed the Izrael group [7].


Deuter returned in 1984 with the following line-up: "Kelner", "Czombe", Franz Dreadhunter (bass), Mariusz "Gutek" Zagalski (drums), Henryk Wasążnik (saxophone). In 1985, "Kelner" with new musicians, incl. singer Beata Pater, bassist Tomasz "Kciuk" Jaworski, guitarist Piotr Nalepa and drummer Piotr "Wave" Falkowski presented a new punk-rock, rap, funk and soul repertoire, which was documented by the single "Medieval / Bad thoughts" [3] .

In 1987, Deuter recorded the 1987 album at the RSC studio in Rzeszów, which was released in 1988 [3]. The album was not successful - the mild sound on the album contrasted with the band's concerts [3]. The song "Nie ma ciszy w blok", which is considered the first Polish rap song [8], was added to this album.

Deuter's last appearance took place at the festival in Jarocin in 1989, where the musicians supported guitarist Robert Sadowski (ex-Madame) [7].


In 1995 the album Ojczyzna dumna 1981–1986 was released with works by Deuter from between 1981–1986. The cassette contained recordings from the Warsaw club "Remont" (from 1981), from a tour with Dezerter and TZN Xenna (from 1982) and from concerts in Hybrydy (1984) and Łódź (1986) [3].

In 1995, Deuter made an attempt to reform (in line with the concert from Jarocin), but it ended in failure [3].

In the same year, "Kelner", with the help of the band Dezerter, recorded an album with Deuter's best known works and went on tour to promote it[7].

2001 to this day

The band briefly reformed in 2001, when Deuter played on the Punk Orchestra of Christmas Charity [3]. At the beginning of 2010, the band returned again, with the following line-up: "Kelner", Franz Dreadhunter, Dario Litwinczuk (guitar, vocals) and Piotr "Suleq" Susul (drums) [10]. On January 21, 2013, the concert album, May 3, 1987, Concert / Riots [11] was released.

Paweł "Kelner" Rozwadowski's last project was Nie Cierpące Zwłoki together with Krzysztof Siy Bentkowski, with whom he recorded a demo in 2019. One of the songs can be found on YouTube (Niecierpące Zwłoki), and in 2020 the project was to record all material for an album to poetry by Grzegorz Wróblewski. The death of Rozwadowski, however, prevented further work on the album, and only the recordings from the 2019 demo remained.


Current members

  • Dariusz "Magik" Kotuszewski - bass guitar (1981–1982, 2000–2002, guitar since 2014)
  • Tony Kinsky - bass guitar
  • Krzysztof "Siwy" Bentkowski - drums (from 2019)

Former members

  • Paweł "Kelner" Rozwadowski - vocals, guitar (1980–1983, 1984–1989, 2000–2003, 2010–2020)
  • Piotr "Czombe" Dubiel - guitar (1980–1984)
  • Kamil "Blitz" Stoor - drums (1980–1981)
  • Tomasz "Żwirek" Żmijewski - bass guitar (1982–1983)
  • Marek Bedzior - drums (1982–1983)
  • Michał Podoski - bass guitar (1984)
  • Mariusz "Gutek" Zagalski - drums (1984)
  • Henryk Wasążnik - saxophone (1984)
  • Beata Pater - vocals (1985–1988)
  • Tomasz "Kciuk" Jaworski - bass guitar (1985–1986)
  • Piotr Nalepa - guitar (1985)
  • Tadeusz Kaczorowski - bass guitar (1986–1989)
  • Piotr "Fala" Falkowski - drums (1985–1989)
  • Piotr "Samohut" Subotkiewicz - keyboard (1987–1989)
  • Robert Sadowski - guitar (1989)
  • Sławomir "Dżu Dżu" Wróblewski - bass guitar (2000–2003)
  • Darek "Dynia" Dynowski - drums (2000–2003)
  • Konstanty Plewicki – keyboard (2000–2003)
  • Małgorzata "Tekla" Tekiel - bass (2011–2014)
  • Robert "Mały" Kasprzyk - drums (2012–2014)
  • Maciej "Kuzyn" Dłużniewski - guitar (2012–2015)
  • Marek "Many" Machnowski (bass guitar)
  • Radzian Berger (perkusja)


  • Magdalena Kalenik - vocals (1982)
  • Katarzyna Grzechnik - vocals (1982)
  • Alexander Korecki - saxophone
  • Milo Kurtis - percussion instruments



1987 (LP, Polskie Nagrania, 1988) Ojczyzna dumna 1981–1986 (CD, Intersonus, 1995) Śmieci i diamenty (DG CD, Fonografika, 2011) Ojczyzna Blizna (DG CD, Noise Annoys, 2011) 3 maja 1987 koncert/rozruchy (CD Klub Płytowy Razem, 2013)


  • „Średniowiecze” (SP, Tonpress, 1985)


  • Rock Galicja (MC, 1982)
  • Róbrege 1984 (MC, 1984) (also known as Live '84)


  • Deuter (CD, Polton, 1995) - Dezerter's album covering some of Deuter's best known songs recorded with "Kelner" as the vocalist.


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