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Energit in 2019. Photo by Miroslav Fleischman

Energit is a jazz fusion band from Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). It was founded in 1973 by guitarist Luboš Andršt, singer Ivan Khunt, drummer Jaroslav Erno Šedivý and bassist Vladimír Padrůněk.[1] The band's first line-up was short-lasted, with Šedivý and Khunt emigrating the same year it was founded. In the mid 1970s, their sound was strongly influenced by fusion bands such as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, while also incorporating a horn section. Over the following years, the band featured a number of other musicians, including well-known Czech fusion and rock musicians: singer Vladimír Mišík, drummer Anatoli Kohout, pianist Emil Viklický and others, before disbanding in 1980. The band returned for a series of live performances in the 2000s and currently includes Andršt on the electric guitar, drummer Jiří Zelenka, bassist Vladimír Guma Kulhánek and keyboardist and singer Jan Holeček.[2]

Energit. Photo taken from the band's Discogs page


  • Energit (Supraphon, 1975)
  • Piknik (Panton, 1978)
  • Time's Arrow (Supraphon, 2017)



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