István Szigeti

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István Szigeti. Photo sourced from the website

István Szigeti (b. 1952) is a Hungarian composer.


István Szigeti first studied composition at the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest under Miklós Kocsár and Sándor Szokolay, and electroacoustic music with Zoltán Pongrácz at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music.

Between 1979 – 1982, he was a piano teacher at the Music School of Vác, Hungary. Since 1975, he has been working for the Hungarian Radio (since 1982 as a musical editor). In 1994 he was appointed to the artistic director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio (HEAR Studio). He became a freelance composer in 2008.

Between 1986 and 1989 he headed the Young Composers Group in Budapest. He was a member of the presidium of Hungarian Composers Union, board member of the Artisjus, the first president of László Lajtha Society, and president of the Marcato Studio Music Association in 2009 and 2010. Since 2010, he has been the president of the NobilArt Art Association.

He is the artistic director of the ISMEAM (International Summer Meeting of Electroacoustic Music), and a member of the jury of the IMEB and IREM. He was a fellow of the Aveiro University (Portugal) in 2002, of the IMEB (Bourges, France) in 2003 and of the GRAME (Lyon, France) in 2004. In 1984 he was awarded the Kodály Scholarship, in 1999 the Lajtha Prize, in 2000 the Erkel Prize. He won the Artisjus prize two times, and the Bench Prize of the Hungarian Radio three times. In 1981 his Souvenir de K won a special prize at the International Composers Competition at the GMEB Electroacoustic Music Centre in Bourges and his ELKA was chosen as one of the six most successful compositions by the 1984 jury.

Discography (works he has been credited in)

  • Titok – Négy Mese (1982)
  • Fiatal Magyar Zeneszerzők Elektronikus Kompozíciói = Electronic Music By Young Hungarian Composers (1983)
  • Contemporary Piano Music (1984)
  • Lúdas Matyi (1984)
  • Vercors - Mesék Borogatás Közben (1985)
  • Tempophonie (1988)
  • Elektroakusztikus Művek - Electroacoustic Compositions (1989)
  • Weiner Chamber Music Association*, Hungarian Chamber Ensemble, Richard Weninger - Hungarian Composers ‎(LP, Album) (1989)
  • Tanárképző Főiskolák Kórusfesztiválja Bárdos Lajos Emlékére (1990)
  • Fiatal Zeneszerzők Csoportja = Young Composers' Group (1990)
  • István Matuz, Varèse, Jolivet, Dukay, Dubrovay, Szigeti - The New Flute (1992)
  • Aritmia (1995)
  • Ear Mouvements (1999)
  • hungarian Live Electronic Works (2000)
  • Bea Berényi*, Ákos Dratsay - Sound-Colour-Games (Hungarian Contemporary Works For Flute Duet) (2003)
  • EAR Ensemble (2005)
  • Hungarian Electro Acoustic Research (2006)