Jacek Lenartowicz

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Jacek "Lutra" Lenartowicz (born June 25, 1961, died July 18, 2004[1]) was a Polish drummer.


In 1979, Lenartowicz co-founded one of the first Polish punk rock bands, Deadlock in Gdansk [1]. After leaving Deadlock, he moved to Warsaw, where with Tomasz Lipiński he formed the band Tilt [1]. He also played in Białe Wulkany. Even before martial law, he emigrated to the Netherlands, where he graduated from film school and started writing screenplays. He was the first in Poland to publish the fanzine Pasażer in the late 1970s. He died of a brain tumor on July 18, 2004. He was buried at the Garrison Cemetery in Gdańsk [2].


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Text adapted from the Polish Wikipedia