Juris Boiko

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Juris Boiko (born December 13, 1954, died on September 24, 2002) was a writer, and a video and performance artist, who was one of the founding members of NSRD.


Son of a road builder and a technician in the Amur region of the Russian Federation, his brother is ethnomusicologist Martins Boiko. He graduated from Riga Secondary School No. 5 in 1973, studied drawing at Ansis Stund and painting at Biruta Delles. In 1982, together with Hardijs Lediņš, he founded the band "NSRD", where he was a lyricist, participated in its concerts and performances ("Dr. Eneser's Binocular Dance Course", 1987), in happenings ("Walk and Bolderaja", 1980-1987), and engaged with video art ("Transwelt / Transzeit", 1986; "Aksberg's Long / Volcanic Dreams", 1987).

In the 1990s he pursued individual interdisciplinary art projects, such as video installations ("Salt Sprayer", 1990; "2x4 Andy Warhol's Portraits", 1992, "29 Self-Portraits", 1994), photography (the cycle "Glass Salt Brewers", 1998) and Computer Graphics ( "Sounds", 2001). He was also a curator of exhibitions, and published articles on art.

He spent the last years of his life in Ogre, dying in September 24, 2002 near his summer cottage in Darzini. He was buried at Matīsa Cemetery.

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