Kazma Kazma

From Unearthing The Music

‘Kazma Kazma’ poster of 1992 with photo by Serhii Bratkov

Kazma Kazma was an Ukrainian experimental music project, founded at the end of 1990, by Yevgen Hodosh, ex-member of ‘Товарищ’ and ‘Chichka-Drichka’.

The band had seven musicians and included an extended wind section, combining orchestra arrangements with dark humour and an avant-garde rock vibe. They shortly became the most prominent band of the Kharkiv independent scene.

In the middle of 90s, Hodosh launched his own label ‘Paradise Delight of Bianka’ that released a compilation of mostly Kyiv-based bands called ‘Сховайся’ [Hide].


  • Oleksiy Pylypenko
  • Yevhen Khodosh
  • Oleksandr Kokhanovsky
  • Oleh Mykhailyuta
  • Oleksiy Sova