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Kontrola W. was a Polish new wave band active during the first half of the 1980s.


The band was founded in 1981 in Zduńska Wola by two former members of Stress - Dariusz Kulda (guitar, vocals) and Wojtek "Czaruś" Jagielski (drums) after attending NZS (the Independent Student Association) music workshops in Stańczyki, near Suwałki. Together with Andrzej Zeńczewski (who later played in, among others, the bands Niepodległość Trójkątów, Daab, T.Love and Szwagierkolaska), Kulda and Jagielski created their first three recordings. Soon after, the band was established and the name Kontrola W. was chosen. Besides Kulda and Jagielski, the band was joined by Katarzyna K. (Dariusz's sister) on vocals and Wiktor Jakś on bass guitar.

In 1982, the group participated in the competition of the "3rd Review of Young Generation Music" at Jarocin and received a distinction. In the same year they also participated at the third edition of "Rockowisko '82", the "Łódź Review of Rock Groups", where they took second place. In the autumn of 1982, they recorded six songs at Radio Łódź's studio, which were only published sixteen years after on a CD entitled "Abandoned Generation" .

Kontrola W at Poznan Arena in 1983. Photo by Mr. Makowski

In 1983, after the "Rock Arena" festival, which featured many Polish leading bands of the time (Republika , Lady Pank, TSA, Lombard), Chris Bohn, writing for British music magazine NME(New Musical Express) described Kontrola W. as "the most modern and best band in Poland."

In September 1983 Kontrola W. disbanded after its members took up studies in Warsaw, Łódź and Toruń. Most of its members would later reunite to form a new band, Kosmetyki Mrs. Pinki, in 1985.




  • Abandoned Generation - CD ( Pop Noise 1998 ) - Songs: "Mannequins", "Bossa Nova", "Still on the Move", "Industry Center", "Radioactive" and "It Will Be The End"