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Kasia Kulda from Kosmetyki Mrs Pinki in Jarocin, 1986. Photo by Mr. Makowski

Kosmetyki Mrs. Pinki were a Polish new wave band.


The band was founded in 1985 in Warsaw by former members Kontrola W: Dariusz Kulda (vocals, guitar), Katarzyna Kulda (vocals) and Wojtek "Vampire" Jagielski (drums) [1]. They were eventually joined by Sławek Starosta (keyboards) and Czarek "Rudy" Furmańczyk (bass guitar), who was soon replaced by Piotr Zajączkowski [1].

Kosmetyki Mrs. Pinki participated at the Jarocin '85 festival[1], with a fragment of their performance being immortalized in Piotr Łazarkiewicz's film "Wave"[1]. In August 1986, the band took part in the following edition of the festival[1], and that same year they recorded two songs at the CCS studio: "Continuously on the move" ("Ciągle w ruchu") and "Love on the minefield" ("Miłość na polu minowym"[1]. Shortly afterwards, a video clip for the song "Continuously in Motion" was made, which was presented in the film "My Blood, Your Blood" directed by Andrzej Kostenka[1]. Kosmetyki Mrs. Pinki also appeared in the Polish series Tulipan (in 4 episodes) with a fragment of the song "New Method", and in the 1987 film "Pantarej" with the song "Dance of crazy elephants". They experienced a surge of popularity in 1987 and 1988, playing a series of concerts and having their songs regularly played on the radio.

The band experienced several line-up changes in 1988 and had a short break before returning in 1989 with a more pop oriented sound. Shortly after the group disbanded again, sporadically reforming for occasional performances in 1992 and 2002, where they released a new album with a mix of new material and re-recorded old music.


  • Katarzyna Kulda - vocal (1985–1989, 2002 – present)
  • Dariusz Kulda - guitar, vocal (1985–1989, 2002 – present)
  • Cezary Furmańczyk - bass guitar (1985)
  • Wojciech Jagielski - drums (1985–1989)
  • Sławomir Starosta - keyboards (1985–1988)
  • Witold Chmielewski - drums (1985)
  • Piotr Zajączkowski - bass guitar (1985–1988)
  • Marcin Ciszewski - bass guitar (1988–1989)
  • Igor Czerniawski - vocal, percussion (1988–1989, 2002 – present)
  • Andrzej Zeńczewski - vocal, guitar (2002-present)



  • KMP vol. 1 - CD (KMP 2005 )


  • Waterproof radio - LP (Wifon 1988) - song: "Continuously on the move"
  • Silence is ... nothing happens - LP (Tonpress 1990) - song: "Dance of war"
  • Kontrola W / Kosmetyki Mrs. Pinki - Radioactive Mannequins - LP (Not On Label 2019)


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