Moscow Experimental Electronic Music Studio

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The ANS synthesizer, exhibited at the Glinka Museum. Photo by Charles Hutchins, sourced from Wikipedia.

The Moscow Experimental Electronic Music Studio was founded in 1958 by Evgeny Murzin after he constructed the ANS synthesizer - a photoelectronic musical instrument which made it possible to obtain a visible image of a sound wave, as well as to realize the opposite goal: synthesizing a sound from an artificially drawn sound spectrogram. The first creative experiments on the ANS were performed by composer Andrei Volkonsky, with a number of young Russian composers soon joining him, including Nikolai Nikolsky, Piotr Meshchaninov, Alexander Nemtin, Stanislav Kreichi, Oleg Buloshkin, Shandor Kallosh, Alfred Schnittke, Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina and Eduard Artemyev. In 1972 the studio acquired the module synthesizer "SYNTHI-100", made by the British Taylor company. The Studio was closed in 1975, and the ANS synthesizer was moved to the Moscow University.


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