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Nocne Szczury. Photo sourced from Discogs

Nocne Szczury were a Polish punk rock band from Władysławowo. Alongside Tilt, Kryzys, and Deadlock, they were one of the first punk bands formed in the Polish People's Republic.[1] Dezerter, today one of the most popular and influential punk bands from Poland, was formed one year after Nocne Szczury's first major performance.

The Władysławowo-based band, whose name in Polish means "Nocturnal Rats" or "Night Rats", were inspired by recordings of the Sex Pistols.[1][2] In 1980, they were the first punk band to perform at the Jarocin Festival (at the time known as the "All-Polish Review of Music of Young Generation in Jarocin").[1][2] They have been described as pioneers of punk rock in Poland.[1]

In March 2014 their EP 1980 was released on vinyl - it contained recordings of Nocne Szczury from August 1980, when they performed live at the "First All-Polish Review of New Rock Wave Bands in Kołobrzeg". [1][2] A relatively small number of 1980 copies were produced: 360 on black vinyl (regular version), 70 copies pressed on green vinyl (limited edition), and 70 special variants on gold vinyl (limited edition).[3]

Band members

  • Zbigniew "Zibi" Konkol – vocals
  • Jarosław Mach – bass guitar
  • Mirosław Sieradzki – guitar
  • Piotr Humanowski – guitar
  • Jerzy Sikora – drums


  • 2014: 1980 (EP, vinyl)


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