Notchnoi Prospekt

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Notchnoi Prospekt (1982). Photo by Vladimir Marochkin.

Notchnoi Prospekt was formed in Moscow, 1985, by Alexei Borisov (guitar, vocals, lyrics) and Ivan Sokolovsky (keyboards, electronics). At the very beginning of their activity the duo played electro-pop with the elements of rockabilly, twist, ska, post-punk and industrial. In 1987 the drummer Sergei Pavlov and violin player Dmitry Kutergin joined the band. Since that time NP started to develop industrial electronics mixed with psychedelia, noise, free improvised music and absurdism. In the 80's NP became popular in Russia, playing concerts all over the country and taking part at different rock and art festivals. The most famous live performances and recordings of NP in the 80-s are "Humanitarian Life" (86), "New Physicists" (87), "Democracy and Discipline" (87/88), "Acids" (88/89), "Asbastos" (1989/91). The first concert abroad NP played in Vienna, 1989, in "Stalingrad" club. After that NP has been on tour in Scandinavia and released "Sugar" LP at "Accelerating Blue Fish" label from Malmö (Sweden).

At the end of 1989 Sokolovsky left the band, to start his solo career.

Notchnoi Prospekt was active as a band until 1995, later being transformed into an experimental modular project. In 2000 the band was reunited by Borisov, Sokolovsky and Kutergin. Pavlov who currently resides in Munich joins the band on stage and in the studio occasionally.

The current repertoire of Notchnoi Prospekt consists of the reworked and decomposed songs of the 80's (Acids, Radio set, I need no information, Ensembles, Unknown faces etc) as well as new compositions.

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