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Rodion GA. Photo sourced from Discogs

Rodion GA, also known as Rodion G.A or GA Rodion, was an early krautrock/hard rock and experimental electronic group, formed in 1977 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The project began in the early 70's with the home-recording experiments of its mastermind, Rodion Roșca. During this time he created numerous home-recordings on his reel-to-reel tape recorder, some of these early songs evolving into Rodion G.A. songs. The band proper was formed in 1977, with the addition of Gicu Fărcaș and Adrian Căprar. The sound of the group varied from psychedelic/hard rock, to krautrock and even towards experimental electronics.

Although the band was only able to release 2 songs during the Romanian communist rule, they received radio airplay, were able to play live, and were well-known inside the country. They were notable for their unusual experimental sound at the time. To ensure they were acceptable to the state censors, many Romanian musicians, Roșca among them, would use pre-existing approved poetry as their lyrics. According to the musician: “We never had problems with the authorities singing this music because I never used lyrics against the regime. Why? Because my mother had two children and she lost them and I was the only one left for her. My goal was not to put my life in danger and to destroy my mother. Fighting against the regime was not possible for me.”

After the fall of communism, and the death of his mother, Rozalia, the group split and Rodion Roșca fell into obscurity, retreating to rural Transylvania. With the rise of the internet, word of his project and its unusual sound started spreading again, and he made a come-back, finally being able to release a lot of his old material on vinyl and CD.

Because of his early experimentation with recording and effects, Rodion is considered the "Father of Electronic Music in Romania".


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