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TZN Xenna. Photo sourced from Discogs

TZN Xenna is a Polish punk rock band, one of the earliest of the genre in the country's history.



The band was founded in August 1981 in Warsaw by vocalist Krzysztof "Zygzak" Chojnacki, guitarist Marek "Markus" Kucharski, drummer Tomasz "Gogo Szulc" Kożuchowski and bassist Piotr "Czomby" Dubiel, who was soon replaced by Jacek "Sydney" Zientała (as Dubiel became the guitarist for Deuter)[1]. Initially, the band used the name Kamash And The Ekers [2]. Their rehearsals took place in the "Skarpa" Community Center, where the musicians played their first concert on September 9, 1981 [3]. In autumn 1982 the band played the "Rock Galicja" tour with Dezerter and Deuter in the southern part of Poland, performing in, among other places, Rzeszów and Krosno [4]. In August, they won the qualifying rounds at the "Open Rock" festival in Krakow's "Rotunda", performing alongside groups such as Turbo and Stalowy Bagaż [2], which allowed them to perform at the festival in Jarocin. However, the musicians declined to do so, describing it as a "militia festival" [3]. At that time, the group appeared in a report by Telewizja Polska on subcultures ("The Way of Life" by Ewa Skurczyńska) [3], as well as in a program about Polish punks produced by the West German station ARD. In 1983, "Zygzak" was removed from the band, and "Falkonetti" took over the vocal duties. Not much later, the musicians stopped their activities. "Gogo Szulc" left to join Tilt [1], while "Sydney", in the second half of the 1980s, started a short collaboration with Robert Gawliński (then ex-Madame) in the form of the band The Didet Bidet [5].


In 1984, TZN Xenna returned with a line-up of "Zygzak", "Markus", "Falkonetti" (bass guitar) and new drummer Dariusz "Dynia" Dynowski. With this line-up the band performed in October in the Warsaw club "Stodoła", playing alongside Siekiera and the American group Youth Brigade. The following year, the musicians performed, among others at the "Róbrege" festival, and recorded four songs in the Tonpress studio.

In 1986 Robert "Mionek" Micorek joined the band as a second guitarist. This five-member TZN Xenna line-up played concerts until mid-1987, when the musicians decided to quit. "Zygzak" later continued playing in the bands Lumpers and The Klaszcz [1]. Dynowski joined Deuter between 2000 - 2003 as a drummer.

Since 2011

On July 2, 2011, TZN Xenna, with a line-up of "Zygzak", "Pumpkin", "Tele Kesur" (guitar) and "Klaus" (bass guitar), played an concert as part of the 2nd edition of the Rock na Bagnie festival in Strękowa Góra [7]. The year 2011 ended with the release of their second EP, Tzn Xenna 1981-2011. In April 2012 the band entered the studio and recorded material for their third EP, Ścierwo [8].

In 2012, the band performed at the Jarocin Rock Festival for the first time in its history. On September 1, 2012 in Berlin, the band played their first foreign concert in history. On November 18, 2012, the first studio album in the history of the band was released. "Pogo Girls" [9].


Current line-up

  • Krzysztof "Zygzak" Chojnacki - vocal (1981–1983; 1984–1987; since 2011)
  • Dariusz "Dynia" Dynowski - drums (1984–1987; since 2011)
  • Wojtek "Tele Kesur" Broken - gitara (od 2011)
  • Krzysztof "Panek" Pankiewicz - bass guitar (from January 2013)

Former Musicians

  • Marek "Markus" Kucharski - guitar (1981–1982; 1984–1987)
  • Piotr "Czombe" Dubiel - bass guitar (1981)
  • Tomasz "Gogo Szulc" Kożuchowski - drums (1981–1983)
  • Jacek "Sydney" Zientała - bass guitar (1981–1983)
  • Andrzej "Falkonetti" Kuszpyt - guitar (1982–1983), bass guitar (1984–1987)
  • Robert "Mionek" Micorek – gitara (1986–1987)
  • Tomasz "Klaus" Wrzesniowski - bass guitar (from 2011 to January 2013)


EPs and Albums

  • Ciemny Pokój (1995)
  • Dziewczyny w pogo (2012)
  • CZART PRLU (2013)


  • "Dzieci z brudnej ulicy" (1996)
  • "1981-2011" (2012)
  • "Ścierwo" (2012)


  • Jak punk to punk (1988)


  • Open Rock Kraków "Rotunda" '82 (1982)
  • Live 1987 (1987)


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