Terror Art

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Poster promoting the Terror Art band. Photo from the archive of Mihai Laurentiu Fuiorea

Terror Art is a punk band formed in Craiova, during 1991, initially named Blockhead Busters, that very naturally mixed punk music with gothic and post-punk elements.

Their strong political anti-capitalist, anti-communist and anti-fascist message is present in both albums, "Plamani de Noroi" (1999) and "Baricada Antifa" (2000), and evokes the powerful adjacent movement in Craiova, Romania, often using lyrics written by contemporary Romanian poet, Ionel Ciupureanu.

Due to their anti-establishment lyrics, Terror Art was, for years banned in their home city, Craiova.


  • Terror Art - Plamani De Noroi (1999) lansat independent
  • Terror Art - Baricada antifa (2000)


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