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Umbre Zidite. Photo sourced from Discogs

Umbre Zidite are a Romanian post-punk band from Timișoara, formed in the 80s by Mani, Ariciu' and Nexantes in the latter's garage in the Medicina area of the city.

The proximity of Timișoara to Yugoslavia led to an increased availability of Yugoslav radio music programs there, which exposed the band to the country's punk / new wave scene, including bands like Pekinška Patka, Električni Orgazam, Idoli, Partibrejkers and Šarlo Akrobata, along with established punk bands from England and the United States.

At the beginning of the 90s, they were part of the Timișoara Underground Movement (UGTM), a legal non-profit cultural society registered with the authorities which enabled them and the other members of the movement (which included Teens on Parade) to set up an underground club. At this time the band was still unnamed, but they were joined by Relu, who would later leave the band in 1992, to form Arc Gothic.

Nexantes, after a period singing with HAOS, left for Craiova where he joined the band The Blockhead Breakers, which later became Terror Art.

In the following years, the nucleus formed by Mani (bass) and Ariciu' (guitar) was joined by Daci Valcu (vocals), Bogosel (drums) and Borneo (violin). The band's first songs are composed and their first concerts took place under the title Umbre Zidite. Their concert debut took place at the first edition of the Timișoara Underground Festival, held in 1997 at the Lira Hall.

The band experienced a few line-up changes over the following years while performing often in Timișoara, Periam, Ineu and Craiova. Their concerts were often DIY affairs, organized by members of various bands or the Underground movement. Their first concert in Bucharest took place in 2002, at which time Ovidiu Mihaita replaced Sergiu on drums. Soon after, the band was recorded for the Alternative Nation show of MTV Romania.

In the second half of the 2000s, the band entered a hiatus, returning in 2016 with the following line-up:

  • Mani - bass
  • Claudiu (Ariciu ') - guitar
  • Caius– vocals
  • Andrei - drums
  • Cristian - guitar



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