Vytautas Bičiūnas

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Vytautas Bičiūnas (Born 25th February 1923. Rokiškis - Died January 31st 1999 in Vilnius) - Lithuanian musicologist, sound director and composer.


Vytautas Bičiūnas graduated from the Lithuanian Conservatory in 1956, and in 1973 he had an internship at Warsaw Higher Music School where he studied with Antanas Karužas.

From 1945 onwards he worked at the Lithuanian Radio, and in 1956 he was the first Lithuanian TV sound director. From 1961 he was the Sound Recording director of the Vilnius recording studio branch of "Melodija", the USSR state label. In 1956 he began teaching at the Lithuanian Conservatory (Currently Lithuanian Academy of Music), having become an associate professor in 1982.

He was the first artist to create an electronic music composition using a synthesizer in Lithuania, entitled "Kosmosas" (Cosmos), using tape and sine tone generators.

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Text adapted from the Lithuanian Wikipedia.