Alexander Pehlemann

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Alexander Pehlemann

Alexander Pehlemann, born 1969 in Berlin/East, is a member of the UMCSEET Core Team. Music journalist, author, editor, compiler, curator and organiser, but sometimes dj, producer and sound system selecta too.

In 1993 he founded Zonic, a fanzine which later turned into an almanac, subtitled “cultural views from the margins & moments of involvement“, that found its special field in exploring the (former and now lost) underground scenes in Central and Eastern Europe.

Based on this in 2006 the so called Zonic Spezial serial started off. First came "Spannung. Leistung. Widerstand. Magnetbanduntergrund DDR 1979-1990"(2006, Verbrecher Verlag/ZickZack: GDR underground between punk, poetry and performance art, with interviews and essays and for the first time recordings of the Eastgerman tape scene on two CDs), second "Go Ost! Klang - Zeit - Raum. Reisen in die Subkulturzonen Osteuropas" (2014, Ventil Verlag/ Eastblok Music/ZickZack: a hyperpersonal approach to subcultures from the East, accompanied by a compilation with sounds from 1982 to 2013) and most recently "1984! Block an Block. Subkulturen im Orwell-Jahr" (2015, Ventil Verlag: subcultures in the very Orwellian year in both blocs and in bloc free Yugoslavia).

Besides this he is co-organiser of the PolenmARkT festival in Greifswald since 2000 and in 2009 he made the compilation “Polska Rootz. Beats, Dubs, Mixes and Future Folk From Poland“ (Eastblok Music). He is living in Leipzig, where he co-runs the Kulturny Dom Lipsk/Salon Similde and as part of NSK Staat Lipsk is trying to establish the Neue Sorbische Kunst.