Alexei Borisov

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Alexei Borisov live (photo by M.Maslov)

Alexei Borisov is a musician, composer, sound artist, event organizer, journalist and one of the UMCSEET Core Team members.

Born in 1960 in Moscow, he started his music career in late 70s, playing with local new-wave, electro-pop and industrial bands (The Centre, The Prospekt, Notchnoi Prospekt). In the late 80s he moved to a more experimental sound realm, mixing noise, free improvisation, field recordings, spoken word and techno, amongst other possible genres.

He collaborates with many Russian and international musicians, projects, artists, dance and theatre companies; participates solo and with different projects at many international festivals (Sonar, Avanto, Phonotaktik, CTM, The Morning Line, FIMAV, SKIF and many others), tours in Europe, North America and China. His discography contains more than 100 albums and compilations, released in Russia and other countries.

During the 80s-2000s Borisov worked for different radio stations in USSR and Russia, and wrote for lifestyle and music magazines in Russia and abroad.