Lucia Udvardyová

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Lucia Udvardyová

Lucia Udvardyová is a music journalist and event organiser, and part of the UMCSEET Core Team. In 2010, together with Peter Gonda, she co-founded Easterndaze, a project that aims to document and interconnect the emerging underground scenes in Central and Eastern Europe.

Together Udvardyová and Gonda run a music label called Baba Vanga. She has collaborated with Czech Radio, Resonance FM, The Quietus, Electronic Beats, and Ad Hoc, among others. Between April and June 2015, she curated an exhibition series of events introducing several labels and collectives from Central and Eastern Europe at the OFF Biennale in Budapest. She also works for SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe), a pan-European festival initiative that promotes innovative music and audiovisual art.