Magnetic Band

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Gunnar Graps in 1974. Photo by Jaan Künnap

Magnetic Band was an Estonian metal-rock and jazz-rock band.


Magnetic Band was formed in 1976 by Gunnar Graps. They played jazz-rock, with reggae and funk-soul influences. Later, after Graps graduated from Tallinn music school (in 1977), the Magnetic Band was reformed and moved into a more metal direction. Before long, the Magnetic Band became one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the Soviet Union.

In 1980 Magnetic Band was awarded the first prize at the Tbilisi Rock Festival (1980). They performed a mixture of jazz-rock, blues and funk which was noted for its instrumental mastery.

In 1982, the Washington Post dedicated a whole page to Gunnar Graps and the Magnetic Band. In 1983, the Magnetic Band was banned by Soviet authorities - to circumvent that ban, it was renamed the Gunnar Graps Group (GGG). GGG performed in Estonia and the Soviet Union and was very popular until the end of decade.

They performed until 1989. In 1997, GGG reunited, although they performed only about once a month.

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