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Molodost (translating as “Youth”) were a Moscow new-wave band active between 1985 and 1986.

In late 1984 the band OTVETNY CHAI (“Reciprocal Tea”) was formed by Alexander Yakovlev (bass) and Andrey Romanov (guitar) in Moscow. In 1985 the vocalist Andrey Yakushin joined the band. The name changed to MOLODOST'. The band was quite active in the Moscow underground scene, but split up in late 1986. Yakovlev formed Bioconstruktor (an electro-pop band) and Yakushin started to perform in a punk / cabaret duo called  PROSHAI, MOLODOST' (“Farewell to Youth”) with keyboard player Sergei Tonenbaum.

Nowadays Yakovlev plays solo and with the duo BIO, and Yakushin performs with PROSHAI, MOLODOST' from time to time.

The photos below, depicting the band playing live, are taken from Alexei Borisov's personal collection.