Rudiger Ritter

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Rüdiger Ritter

Rüdiger Ritter is one of the UMCSEET Core Team members. PhD, born in 1966, 1985 to 1991 studies in East European history, musicology and philosophy in Mainz, Dijon, Köln, Wolgograd and Krakau, 2002 Ph.D ("Music for the nation: Stanisław Moniuszko in the Polish National Movement", in German). Research in the projects "West-Eastern Images. The German image of Russians and the Russian image of Germans" (universities Wuppertal and Köln), "Collective Identity and History in post-socialist discourses: Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine" (university of Bremen), "Americans in Bremerhaven" (Museum of the 50ies Bremerhaven), "Opposition by cultural transfer – Jazz in the Eastern Bloc“, (Freie Universität Berlin), "Discourses on Europe in Polish drugi obieg periodicals” (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa Bremen). Actual research project: "Productive misunderstandings. The reception of Willis Conover’s radio broadcast "Music USA – Jazz Hour" in the former Eastern Bloc." Main research topics are: connections of music and politics in East and East Central Europe (Poland, Czech and Slovak republics, Hungary, Baltics, Russia / Soviet Union) from the beginning of the 19th century, history of jazz and radio, oppositional movements in the Eastern Bloc. Most important publications include:  Musik für die Nation. Der Komponist Stanisław Moniuszko (1819 - 1872) in der polnischen Nationalbewegung des 19. Jahrhunderts (Frankfurt / Main u. a.: Lang,  2005); Politics, History and Collective Memory in East Central Europe, (together with Zdzisław Krasnodębski  and  Stefan Garsztecki, Hamburg: Krämer, 2012); Broadcasting Jazz into the Eastern Bloc—Cold War Weapon or Cultural Exchange? The Example of Willis Conover (Jazz Perspectives 7,2, 2014).