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Vladimir "Karter" Petrovski live. Photo sourced from Discogs

Vladimir Petrovski (Macedonian: Владимир Петровски, born c. 1962/63), better known by his nickname "Karter", is a Macedonian musician and founder of the bands Saraceni, Badmingtons, Aleksandar Makedonski and Opstrukcija.


Petrovski's career started as a guitarist in Fol Jazik, Macedonia's first punk band. In 1978 he began to learn about sound engineering. In 1981, he founded the punk band Saraceni. Their best known song, "Ne brini" (Don't Worry) was released on Makedonski Dokument 2. In 1983, he started Badmingtons with Dejan Shkartov and Boris Georgiev.

In 1986, following the popular trend of punk bands becoming pop bands at the time, Badmingtons fired Georgiev and recruited female vocalist Melita Stefanovska, drummer Vladimir Dimovski and bassist Zoran Jankovic. They then changed their sound to pop rock and changed their name to Aleksandar Makedonski. The first Aleksandar Makedonski album was in Serbian. In 1995, Aleksandar Makedonski changed their style to one reminiscent of Badmingtons (most noticeable on the songs "Ako mi dadesh" and "Ubav den") while retaining some pop-rock elements, and let Georgiev back in the band. Stefanovska and Dimovski had left by then. The album Moeto carstvo was released in 1996, but shortly after, the band split up so Petrovski could concentrate on his film company, Karter Film.[1] Karter Film had previously shot a music video for "Ubav den", of which a snippet is available on Badmingtons' MySpace.[2]

In 1999, Petrovski started a prog rock band called Opstrukcija, which released the album Sistem. Karter Film shot a video for the song "Odam", which is partially available on MySpace.[3]

Petrovski is currently concentrating on his work with Karter Film.


  • Posle mene shto ti e gajle (1985)
  • Za heroje i princeze (1988)
  • Moeto carstvo (1996)
  • Sistem (1999)
  • Kolektorska edicija (2007, compilation of remastered Opstrukcija and Aleksandar Makedonski tracks)
  • "Ako mi dadesh" (2007)



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