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Európa Kiadó. Photo sourced from Discogs

Európa Kiadó is a Hungarian underground rock band formed in 1981 in Budapest by former members of URH after the group disbanded: László Kiss, András Salamon and lyricist-composer-guitarist-singer Jenő Menyhárt, joined by József Dénes and András Gerő. Soon keyboardist Gerő and drummer Salamon departed and were replaced by János Másik and Péter Magyar.

Partial Discography

  • A pusztulás piszkozatai (Drafts of decay, 1981, unreleased)
  • Soundtrack of the film Városbújócska (Urban hide and seek) with Jiří Stivín and János Másik (1985)
  • Popzene (Popmusic, 1987)
  • Szavazz rám (Vote for me, 1989)
  • Itt kisértünk - Love'92 (Here we haunt - Love'92 , 1993)
  • És mindig csak képeket (And always just images, Concert at Katona József Theatre, 1994)
  • Love '82 (1997)
  • Jó lesz '84 (It will be good'84, 1997)
  • A Zichy Kastélyban (1998 release of the 1986 concert at Zichy Residence)
  • Így vonulunk be (That's how we march in, 2004-5 DVD)
  • Annak is kell (2013)


The band had many contributors through its history. Though the longest standing lineup is clearly Jenő Menyhárt (bandleader), László Kiss (bass) Péter Kirschner (guitar), János Másik and Orsolya Varga (keyboards) and Péter Magyar (drums), it is neither the original, nor the current one.

Former, temporary and session musicians


  • Dönci, János Gasner, Zoltán "Spenót" Tóth, Leó Menyhárt


  • András Gerő, Ákos Dióssy, Ágnes Kamondy

Drummers András Salamon, János Solti, Gábor Molnár ("Lóhalál"), Lajos Gyenge Others (guest performers, co-authors etc.)

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