Imants Zemzaris

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Imants Zemzaris. Photo sourced from Discogs

Imants Zemzaris (born 14 April 1951) is a Latvian composer and teacher.

A native of Riga, he studied in Emīls Dārziņš Music School[1] and Latvia State Conservatory with Ādolfs Skulte. He worked as a teacher of theoretical subjects at the Riga 3rd Children's Music School (1972–1976) and since 1976 in the Department of Music Theory at the Emīls Dārziņš Music High School.

In 1975, Imants Zemzaris was admitted to the Latvian Composers' Union.

Among his compositions are chamber and vocal music pieces, as well as music for theatre and movies. He is also an interpreter of his own piano music.


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