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Zsolt Sőrés. Photo sourced from Discogs

Zsolt Sőrés (also known as Ahad) is a Hungarian experimental musician, composer, writer, and conceptual artist. He is one of the central figures of experimental music in Hungary, where he has done much for the popularity of the genre as a creator and organizer. He is an active instrumental performer as a member of many formations, and also publishes in art magazines about the latest musical and art trends.


Zsolt Sőrés was born in 1969 in Budapest. He is an employee of the Institute of Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the editor of the Helikon Irodalomtudományi Szemle (Helikon Literary Review). His main instruments are the violin and the viola. Sőrés is mainly interested in the marginal and border areas of the various arts. He has been working with foreign and Hungarian artists, experimental poets, and dancers for years. His artistic writings, texts, poems, visual works, critiques, and interviews have appeared in many Hungarian and foreign journals, assembling, and anthologies since 1990.

Since 1996 he has been one of the editors of the Magyar Műhely (Hungarian Workshop). The original aim of the only Hungarian avant-garde art magazine was to integrate art projects that received less or no attention elsewhere into the art as a whole. Since 2005, he has been the series editor of Szünetjel Könyvek/Pause Books (Magyar Műhely Kiadó). Additionally, Sőrés has been working at the Radio Tilos since 1992.

Zsolt Sőrés has been participating in experimental art exhibitions since 1994. He also often join actions with artists, experimental poets, and dancers, such as making sound installations. Apart from Hungary, he has performed at various experimental music, performance, and (inter)media art events and festivals in Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, and Slovakia.

Moreover, his cultural organizing activities include founding various art groups. He has been a member of the Eszter Gál Quintet, a group active in presenting experimental dance and live music productions, since 1995. In 1993, he was a founding member of the SoKaPaNaSz, and between 1994 and 1996, of the improvisational music and sound poetry group Spiritus Noister. In 1994, he was one of the founding members of the experimental trio Mesék, stb./Tales, etc. which play noise music improvisation. They performed in Hungary and Slovakia with their concerts, and they presented sound-space installations in Budapest.

Since 1994, he has participated in several experimental poetry, performance, and music festivals. Since 2000, he has been one of the curators and organizers of the Szünetjel/Pause International Experimental Music Festival. Some years later, he became the organizer of the film club of the Invisible Films Club at the Ludwig Museum's Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2008 he has been the artistic director of the International Contemporary Music Meeting of Relative (Trans) Hearings. Besides this, Ahad has been working under his pseudonym on another solo project, in which he makes “invisible sound(s) films” using soundtracks from underground and avant-garde films. Since 2009, he has been collaborating with Russian-Far Eastern film director Andrei Iskanov.

While creating, he is inspired by the interoperability of the branches of art, the finding of connection points between the arts. In one of his interviews in 2005, he phrased it this way: “these works themselves create their own aesthetics, thereby representing themselves as a kind of meta music. Only the self-recognition can be a guideline for the passive recipient or active contributor, according to whether or not the music captured or not its attention. On the other hand, in the case of improvisational music, the aspect that Tim Hotchkinson expressed this way is very important for him: "we can hear the unrealized possibilities behind the realized ones. ”


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