András Wilheim

From Unearthing The Music

András Wilheim. Photo by Domonkos Orbán

András Wilheim is a Hungarian musician and musicologist. He graduated in 1974 from the Department of Musicology of the Liszt Ferenc College of Music in Budapest. He then began to work in the Bartók Archive, until 1990. He specializes in XX. century music: he published his studies about Bartók, Satie, Varése, Webern, Cage. On behalf of Editio Musica, he maintains a forthcoming catalog of György Kurtág's works. As a member of the New Music Studio, he regularly performs at concerts and has contributed to several recordings as a soloist and artistic director. He has been giving regular lectures at the Bartók Seminar in Szombathely since 1980, and in 1995 he was an invited speaker at the Center Acanthes Avignon Music Seminar.

Awards, recognitions

  • 1979 - Kassák Prize (Paris)
  • 2005 - Ferenc Erkel Prize