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Vasily Shumov live with Tsentr in Moscow, November 17, 2006. Photo by Wikipedia user Portulak.

Tsentr (also known as Center in English, Russian: Центр) is a Russian experimental band. The band's style has changed, sometimes dramatically, over the years, starting with new wave and Russian rock in their early years before crossing over to electronica.

Tsentr (then known as "777") was founded by Vasily Shumov in Moscow, Russia in the late 1970s. In the early 1980s Tsentr became popular in the Soviet music underground with the following line-up: Vasily Shumov (bass), Alexey Loktev (keyboards), Valery Vinogradov (guitar), Andrey Schnittke (guitar) and Karen Sarkisov (drums).

In 1982 the band recorded its first demo album and performed at a studio theatre where Artemy Troitsky and Alexander Lipnitsky were in attendance. Troitsky would later become the main promotor of the band's work.

The band released over 25 albums, created music for films and TV, appeared on TV shows, and performed in Europe and America.[1] Tsentr is documented in numerous publications and books.

In the 1990s, Shumov moved from Moscow, Russia to Los Angeles, United States where he continued his music and art work.

In the 2000s Tsentr developed a new approach to recording by working with "Centroborators" - artists from various locations who contribute to Tsentr albums by transferring their digital recordings to Vasily Shumov's studio through the internet. The first album following this concept to be released was "Plastikozamenitel'" ("Plastic substitute"), but since then several others have been released.[1][2]

The band returned to regular performances in Russia in the mid 2000s.


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