Eerik Semlek

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Eerik Semlek (born April 6, 1968 in Tallinn) is an Estonian composer and teacher.

He graduated from the Tallinn Music High School in 1986 with a degree in music theory and in 1993 with a degree in composition from the Estonian Academy of Music, where he studied under Eino Tamberg. He has lived in Finland since 1990, where he works as a piano teacher and piano tuner in Helsinki.

Eerik Semlek has composed music for the short ballet "Bird" (1987), the orchestra "In Principio erat ..." (1993), choral songs "Laulupalvelus" (R. Tagore), "Tuulevaikus" (A. Suuman), "Odotan Godaa" for mixed choir and organ (2004), suite for quintet (1987), piano pieces "Retro-flecto" (1987), "White Will" (1988) and "Creator of Your Love" (1999) for tenor and organ.

He won the 1st place at the Estonian Radio children's song competition in 1987 with the song "Kivikuningajutt" (text by Ellen Niidu). He was also active in creating improvisational works with Rauno Remme in the project Grotest. His work has appeared in several collections, including "Choral Songs by Kuldar Sink, Eerik Semlek and Urmas Lattikas" (1991).

Text adapted from the Estonian Wikipedia