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L'Attentat. Photo sourced from Discogs

L'Attentat were a Leipzig GDR punk band created by former members of Wutanfall.


The band began its life as HAU (Halbgewalkt Anarchistic Underground Movement) founded at the end of 1982 by former members of Wutanfall, one of the first punk bands in the GDR. The line-up consisted of the former Wutanfall guitarist Imad Abdul Majid, the bass player Maik Reichenbach, and a changing line-up for vocals and drums (including Bernd Stracke, who later also participated in Wutanfall).

In late summer 1983, after the imprisonment of bassist Maik Reichenbach, HAU entered a temporary hiatus and Imad Abdul Majid rejoined Wutanfall until mid-1984. Bernd Stracke also took over for the retired Wutanfall singer Chaos.

After Wutanfall dissolved, HAU reformed in 1984 and was renamed L'Attentat in early 1985.

Bernd Stracke was later arrested and detained by the Ministry of State Security. After reunification, it turned out that guitarist Imad Abdul Majid worked as a paid informant for state security and was responsible for Bernd Stracke's and Maik Reichenbach's prison stay. [1] [2]

L'Attentat's reportoire ranged from HAU songs to new versions of classic Wutanfall songs (including "Leipzig in Ruins").

Like most punks in the GDR, the band was targeted by the Stasi. In the mid- eighties, a music cassette was smuggled into the FRG and released in 1987 on the X-Mist label under the title Made in GDR as a record. This made L'Attentat, along with Schleim-Keim and KG Rest ("Panem et circensis"), one of the few punk bands in the GDR that succeeded.

In the following years the line-up was changed several times due to the further imprisonment of the singer Bernd Stracke (with the subsequent deportation to the West), as well as the departure of some band members.

After reunification, the band separated in 1989. Some of the band's members later joined punk rock band The Black Canal.

In 2014 Major Label released the LP Made in GDR and a 7 "-EP (ML 075) with three as yet unreleased songs and a new 60 page booklet on the band's history. This latest re-issue was published on October 3rd, 2014 and celebrated a surprising live reunion of the almost complete former L'Attentat line-up in the sold out UT Connewitz in Leipzig.


  • 1987: Made in GDR (LP, X-Mist Records)
  • 1994: Made in GDR (CD, Lost & Found Records)
  • 2004: Made in GDR (LP, Major Label & SM-Musik)
  • 2014: Made in GDR (LP incl. 60 pages booklet and single, major label & SM music)


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