Los Iniciados

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Los Iniciados live in 1981. Photo by Miguel Trillo, sourced from

Los Iniciados was a Spanish band who combined ombined performance art and music, originally formed as a side project by members of Aviador Dro, founded in 1980. Their line-up was constantly evolving and, with a few exceptions, their members' identities were never revealed.


The band was formed by Aviador Dro members Servando Carballar and Marta Cervera in 1980, the latter of which (known in the group as "Arco Iris" ("Rainbow") served as the group's leader to a certain extent. Other members included "Componente Norte" ("North Component"), "Estrato Cúmulo" ("Cumulus Stratum") and "Precipitación Atmosférica" ("Atmospheric Precipitation"). It is suspected that two members of Alphaville were part of the band: Juan Antonio Nieto and José Carlos Sánchez. Jesús Arias was also a known member of the group

Cover of La marca de Anubis, released in 1982. Photo sourced from

Influenced by DAF, the Residents and Throbbing Gristle, the group explored a dark and dissonant version of synth wave. After their participation in the 1st Tecno Simposium, which took place in March 1981 at the Marquee in Madrid, Los Iniciados recorded some pieces Servando Carballar and Marta Cervera's La Fábrica Magnética home studio. The result was a first maxi with 5 songs, "El Cantor de Jazz", which was released in 1982 on DRO. It was undoubtedly the most experimental record of a group which is still looking for its way between synth pop sounds and more nightmarish atmospheres.

Their first album, "La Marca de Anubis", recorded at La Fábrica Magnética and the Colores studio in Madrid, was released the same year. The pieces evoke disturbing stories, centred on Egyptian rites or satanic readings of children's stories, and showcased a minimalist, cold sound driven by drum machines and synthesizers. The title track received a music video, shot in the Temple of Debod, a monument donated by the Egyptian government to Spain in the late 1960s.

The group's theatricality (showcased for example, through their live performances wearing hoods and masks) was further developed through their participation in editing and creating the soundtrack for two shows, "A Thousand and One Nights" and "Ubu Roi". On the latter, several members of the band participated as both musicians and actors, and the music was eventually released as "Todo Ubú", recorded in one day and released on DRO in 1983.

After taking a break from their activity in 1984, Los Iniciados recorded a new series of tracks in the 1990s, finally released in 1999 on the double CD Druidas Quimicos, before disappearing into the void again.


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