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Cover of Rahatuvi (2018). Picture taken from the album's discogs page

Ornament was an Estonian progressive / hard rock band active between 1972 and 1976. Founded by Gunnar Graps, the band was one of the pioneers of hard rock in Estonia and the Soviet Union with a sound influenced in part by Led Zeppelin and psychedelic rock.


  • Guitar - Paavo Soots
  • Guitar - Andres Põldroo
  • Guitar - Tõnu Aare (after Andres Põldroo)
  • Bass guitar - Ilmar Soots (until 1974)
  • Bass guitar - Tõnu Tormis (since 1974)
  • Keyboards , vocals - Sven Grünberg (until 1973)
  • Drums - Aleksander Vilipere (until 1973)
  • Drums, vocals - Gunnar Graps (since 1973)

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  1. "Remember something about Ornament - it is one of the brightest ensembles in Estonian rock history". Tõunu Aare,

Text adapted from the Estonian Wikipedia.