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One of the most important results of György Galántai's activity in the 1980s was the birth of the Artpool Radio, the first Hungarian phonic publication. The 8 cassette-issues, which were brought out between 1983 and 1987, are unique original documents of the Hungarian underground cultural scene in the form of edited sound materials, concert recordings, talks, and interviews. The issues were compiled by György Galántai using his own original recordings.

  • No. 1: pseudo radio • cassette edition • first experimental broadcast;
  • No. 2: Nights at Tompa Street / ambient musics & suffixes;
  • No. 3: Budapest - Bécs/Vienna – Berlin Concert Over the Phone 1983. April 15. / April 15th 1983;
  • No. 4: Natural Radio;
  • No. 5: ARTPOOL´S ART TOUR 1982; 
  • No. 6: Recorded for the Hungary Can Be Yours exhibition - presented at the opening of the banned exhibition at the Young Artists' Club of Budapest (01.27.1984.);
  • No. 8:  The story of Galantai’s sound sculptures.

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