Jupiter08 (Endless Illusion)

From Unearthing The Music

Endless Illusion is a record label and promotional crew run by Layup and R.Kosmos based in Prague, active since 2011. The label recently launched its Jupiter08 project, which seeks to uncover and promote music made in Czechoslovakia during the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic period. You can read an excerpt from its manifesto below:

Endless Illusion's Logo

In 2015, based on their experience resulting from dozens of performances together with not only foreign producers, “EI” (Endless Illusion) are now developing the idea of promoting music the other way round, which means outside the Czech Republic, and thus fully and freely use the opportunities which were still impossible not a long time ago. To promote not only their own production, but especially the music which originated in the totalitarian period and which influenced them unquestionably. In parallel with the former Czechoslovak scene, the world scene developed at an absolutely different pace thanks to the environment of free trade and politics, therefore naturally becoming traditional for the given period, local producers and their fans. Because of partial isolation caused by the political situation, this music genre has never expanded in the Czech Republic. With slight exaggeration, we can only talk about small flashes which kept this genre at least alive. With this in mind, we have decided to throw away all prejudices entrenched in many of us which are connected to this period. With determination, we set out on a musically archaeological trip into the time full of compulsive needs to at least move a little closer to the world, since we still share and support these needs.

The aim of the Jupiter08 project is to promote with dignity the quality which was created here, yet it didn’t have the opportunity to leave the notional bubble of the sealed east.

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