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Péter Müller. Photo by: Gáspár Stekovics

Péter Ivan Müller (birth name: Ivan Peter Vegh Kovalcze born in Budapest, December 12 1951) also known by his Sziámi ("Siamese") nickname, is a Hungarian poet, songwriter, singer, film director and cultural professionals.

He is the adoptive son of writer Péter Müller, with whom he has created several works together.


In 1973, he obtained a degree in radio editing and became a reporter in the working studio of the Hungarian Radio, and in 1974 he obtained a circus and variety director qualification at the State School of Artist Training. In 1976, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Eötvös Loránd University with a degree in Hungarian-French teaching. In 1981, he attained a degree in film and television directing from the College of Theater and Film Arts. His exam film was Ex-Kodex.

He is considered one of the defining personalities of the Hungarian alternative culture. His lyrics and the peculiar, unrestricted music of his fellow composer, János Gasner laid the foundation for the success of their group, Sziámi. Since the formation of the band, it has undergone several member changes and has been completely transformed several times. Their songs were adapted and played differently by each new line-up. After the death of János Gasner in 2009, Müller announced that with the death of his co-author, Sziámi as such had ceased to exist. Since then, he has performed with his own full name and, since 2012, with the Péter Müller Sziámi And Friends band, as well as with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos (Pianissimo! Duo), Péter Kirschner (Felevad duo) and other musicians.

Péter Müller. Picture originally released on the Metapolis 6 DVD.

Péter Müller has been the owner and creative director of Sziget Kultūros Szervezőiroda Kft since 1992. In 1993 , he organized the first Student Island with Károly Gerendai, (August 19-26, 1993), which has become one of the largest cultural events in Central Europe since then. In 1998 he was the artistic director of the Acting Theater of the Miskolc National Theater, in 2001 he became the executive director of the then new Miskolc International Opera Festival, of which he is still the chief consultant. In 2005 he was the strategic director of the Hungarian State Opera House. From 2006 onwards, he hosted an event called “Songwriters - Where Songs Are Born”, which provided a performing forum for alternative musicians in Hungary. He has been playing at the Baltazár Theater since 2008, participating in several performances, and was a part of the concert entitled Árad a lovet performed at the Palace of Arts, where the Baltazár company performed with the most significant representatives of contemporary Hungarian light music in 2014.


2018 - Nevess magadra! (Laugh at yourself!) 2014 - Látom, ha hiszem (I see if I believe) 2007 - Az Isten álljon meg (God stop) 2005 - Fogjad már meg! (Grab it!) 2001 - A zene egyen meg (Music eats) 2000 - Egyszerű Teremtés (Simple Creation) 1997 - Illa-berek (Illa-berek) 1996 - Egy Vagy Egy Se (One Or One Se) 1995 - Tapasztalat (Experience) 1994 - Olyan vagy!!! (You are like that !!!) 1994 - Dervistánc (Dervistanc) 1993 - Belépek egy helyre (I enter a place) 1993 - Mr Pornowsky előkerül (Mr Pornowsky appears) 1992 - Testből testbe (From body to body) 1990 - Sürgős reinkarnáció (Urgent reincarnation) 1989 - Ha... 1986 - Maraton (Marathon) 1986 - Demó Törökbálint (Demo Törökbálint) 1985 - Antisztár (Anti-Star)

Péter Müller. Picture by Wikipedia user Solymári

Awards, recognitions

  • Parallel Culture Award (2014) [3]
  • György Kézdy Award (2018)
  • Order of Merit of the Gdańsk European Solidarity Center Award (2019) [4]


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