From Unearthing The Music

An independent artistic group bringing together musicians and visual artists, Praffdata was founded in 1984 in Warsaw. It was established at a Szkolnym Ośrodku Socjoterapii (Youth Sociotherapy Centre / SOS) in the Grochów district. The Centre's mission was to reach out to so-called ‘difficult youth’ – young people having problems adjusting to high-school education. The creators of the SOS chose to communicate with the young through art, thus the first collective musical and performative actions of Praffdata were encouraged and facilitated by the educators. The two painters associated with Praffdata, Faustyn Chełmecki and Maciej Wilski also engaged in spontaneous painting sessions during the group's concerts. Members of the group: Dudi, Guła, Sylwian and Jakubek also created their own instruments. Other members include Janusz Rołt and Jerzy Czuraj. Praffdata's actions combined trance-like improvisations with happenings, often with political meaning. They argued for the legalisation of marijuana and against the construction of a nuclear power plant. Praffdata's actions stretched much further than one-off concerts or happenings. In principle, they were supposed to be a continuous, situationist endeavour transforming everyday life through rituals and new urban tribalism. At the beginning of the 1990s, members of the collective moved to Bałąg, a small town in Warmia, aiming to implement counter-cultural ideals of autonomy there. Each year in Bałąg they organised Światowych Zawodów W Rzucie Młotkiem Do Telewizora (the World Championships in Throwing Hammers at TV Sets), and also established the Gotki Rural Club where they held rave parties.