Vladan Radovanović

From Unearthing The Music

Vladan Radovanović

Vladan Radovanović, born in 1932, is a peerless artistic figure in the field of music avant-garde and modernist tendencies not only in Serbian music, but in the arts as well. He graduated in composition at the Belgrade Music Academy in the class of Prof. Milenko Živković. In 1958, he participated in establishing the Mediala group. He initiated the founding of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio and was its head from 1972 to 1999. In 1993 he initiated the SINTUM Open Group Project. He was the head of the Electronic music Studio of Radio Belgrade from its foundation which was brought to fruition through his efforts and vision.

Radovanović is a well respected artist in several artistic fields, being at the forefront of new tendencies in visual arts, literature and new media. In other words, coinciding with avant-garde trends, yet independently from them, he did research in the field of the vocovisual, projectism (1954), tactile art (1956), multimedia and body action (1957), tape music (1960), electronic music (1966), computer music (1976), and computer graphics (1988). The central position in his creative poetics is reserved for art synthesis. He has authored over 250 texts on music and new tendencies in art.

He has worked in experimental music studios in Warsaw (1966), Paris (1969), Utrecht (1976), and Budapest (1987). Radovanović’s compositions were selected to represent Yugoslavia at three SIMC festivals (in 1969, 1976, and 1988). He has had 26 individual exhibitions and performances at home and abroad.

He has won 11 domestic and international awards for music (including three first prizes at the Yugoslav Radio Music Competition, the October Award of the City of Belgrade in 1971, Second Prize for electroacoustic music in Bourges in 1979, Gianfranco Zafrani Award at Prix Italia in 1984, and First Prize at the International Review of Composers in Belgrade in 1998), three awards for literature (including the award of the then prestigious publisher Nolit in 1968), and eight in the visual arts (including the First Prize of the Ministry of Culture for best multimedia exhibition in 1992, the First Prize for video in São Paulo in 1997, the First Prize of the City of Belgrade for visual arts in 2007, the Ivan Tabaković award for 2006/2008, and Mića Popović award for 2012).