Henryk Gericke

From Unearthing The Music

Henryk Gericke in Warsaw, 1984. Photo by Rico Greese

Henryk Gericke, born 1964 in East berlin, was a GDR teenage punk and sang in a band called The Leistungsleichen. Today he´s working as gallerist, publisher and writer. In 2005, he initiated together with Michael "Pankow" Boehlke an exhibition in Berlin on the East German punk scene with the title "ostPUNK!: Too Much Future". An exhibition catalogue and a documentary of the same title followed and the exhibition later got reinstalled in expanded versions in Dresden and Halle too. Currently he´s working on the "Too Much Future" compilation, a triple vinyl to be published next year on Edition Iron Curtain Radio, a sublabel of Major Label from Leipzig.

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"Too much future!" Henryk Gericke