Michael Boehlke

From Unearthing The Music

Photo: Michael Boehlke aka Pankow with his band Planlos, playing the first GDR punk festival at Martin-Luther-Kirche, Halle/Saale, 1983 pic: Christiane Eisler /

Michael "Pankow" Boehlke, born in 1964 in East Berlin, was the singer of Planlos, one of the first punk bands in the GDR, between 1980 - 1983. Today he works as a physiotherapist. In 2005 he initiated an exhibition in Berlin on the East German punk scene with the title "ostPUNK!: Too Much Future" with Henryk Gericke. An exhibition catalogue and a documentary of the same title followed, for which he worked as co-director and script writer, and the exhibition later got reinstalled in expanded versions in Dresden and Halle too. Based on these researches he founded the GDR punk archive SUBstitut.

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