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Paweł Rozwadowski (first from the right) with Stefan Mikulski and Robert Brylewski. Photo sourced from Wikipedia (user NiecnyKsiaze)

Paweł "Kelner" Rozwadowski (born June 8, 1962 [1], died October 11, 2020 in Warsaw [2]) was a Polish singer and songwriter. A leading figure in the Polish punk / alternative scene, he was a member of the Fornit, Deuter and Izrael bands.


Paweł Rozwadowski founded the band Fornit in January 1979. His nickname, Kelner, was given to him by his Fornit bandmate Kamil "Blitz" Stoor. Two years after its formation, the band took part in the 1st National New Wave Festival in Kołobrzeg [3]. The band was remembered from the song entitled "Better syphilis than Il-a", an ironic reference to a Soviet-made aircraft. For this piece, Fornit was banned from performing [4]. Soon after, Rozwadowski founded the band Dexapolkort-A, which in January 1981 transformed into Deuter [3]. In the spring of 1982, the group toured with Republika, and in the summer of 1982 it appeared in the documentary Concert directed by Michał Tarkowski [5][6]. In addition, Deuter went on the "Rock Galicja" tour with Dezerter and TZN Xenna. Deuter enriched their concerts with short film projections made on 8 mm film [6]. The band suspended its activities in 1983 [4].

In 1983 he co-founded the band Aurora, which after a short time changed its name to Izrael. In May 1983 he participated in the recording of their debut album Biada, biada, biada. After touring with Misty in Roots, he left the band. His place was taken by Dariusz "Maleo" Malejonek. The band's debut album was released after Rozwadowski left [7].

In 1985, he reactivated Deuter with Andrzej "Gutek" Zagalski. The new line-up experimented with funk music [8]. In 1987 he recorded the song "Nie ma ciszy w blok", considered the first rap song in Poland [9]. The debut album, 1987, was released in 1988. Deuter suspended operations again in 1989. Their last concert took place during the Festival in Jarocin [6].

Kelner would play with Dezerter in 1995, which whom he recorded the "Deuter" album, with re-recorded versions of music by his old band. In 2001 he brought Deuter back together, but the band disbanded again in 2003.

Together with Robert Brylewski, he founded the Max i Kelner electronic project, as well as Kabaret Starszych Punks with the musicians of Brygada Kryzys and Izrael. [11]

In 2010, he reformed Deuter for the third time [6]. In the fall of 2011, Deuter released the album RŚmieci i diamenty [12]. In 2012 Rozwadowski wrote a book entitled "It is totally unbelievable", published by the University of Warsaw Publishing House. He collaborated with the Polish Radio RDC, where he prepared music programs [3]. Up until his death, he performed in bands Deuter and Izrael [11]. In 2019, the album Deuter - Róbrege '84 [13] was released. At the end of his life, he suffered from cancer and pneumonia [10].

He died on October 11, 2020. He was buried on October 20 at the Bródno Cemetery in Warsaw [14].



  • 1987 (LP, Polskie Nagrania „Muza”, 1988)
  • Ojczyzna dumna 1981–1986 (CD, Intersonus, 1995)
  • Śmieci i diamenty (DG CD, Fonografika, 2011)


  • Biada, Biada, Biada (LP, Pronit, 1985)
  • Dża ludzie (CD, Lemnton Records, 2008)

Max i Kelner[9]

  • Tehno Terror (CD, Kamiling Co, 1992)


  • Deuter (CD, Polton, 1995)


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